Review: The Sebastian Guarantee by Krista Sandor

Rating: 4/5   PoP: 43%

This is a second generation book. Do you need to read the Nanny Match series to appreciate this book? No. Should you? Absolutely. The way that Krista had these characters “grow up” was so true to their personalities as children in the other series. I think that is a difficult feat to conquer and she did so well. And we get to see glimpses into the lives of all our favorite main characters from the nanny series. 

Phoebe’s character is a unique individual that is not afraid to be herself. Although, she is beginning to understand that her brand of quirkiness is an acquired taste. She wants to do things on her own without the shadow of her Aunt and Uncle’s successes. Someone that understands that is her long time best friend, Sebastian Cress. He is kind of floundering as he learns the difficulties that putting his life on the internet can bring. It is hard to be a life coach when your life is kind of a trash fire. As Phoebe and Sebby reconnect we see all the awkwardness and humor we expect from Krista Sandor shine. Her characters are always going to give you something to laugh about while being unashamed of their individuality along with some growing pains. 

Another thing I really enjoyed about this book was the excitement and desire Phoebe has to help girls and women find ways to connect and empower each other. We all need more support. This is a great parallel to the Nanny Match series and the group of women that supported each and continue to do so. Madeline’s small appearance and words of wisdom to Phoebe near the end were the perfect compliment to these found families.