Gotta Be Bayou by Erin Nicholas

GOTTA BE BAYOU is the initial offering in Erin Nicholas’ BADGES OF THE BAYOU series, a collection of contemporary, adult romantic novels that have a sensual, erotic edge. This series is a spin-off from the author’s previous work, BOYS OF THE BAYOU GONE WILD. 

Spencer comes across as quite demanding, looking for a woman who can cook and cater to his needs after a long day at work. He acknowledges that his requirements may sound sexist, but his rationale stems from wanting to balance out the darkness of his job at the FBI. 

Max, on the other hand, doesn’t fit Spencer’s ideal woman. She dresses in all black, prefers takeout to cooking, and faces her own set of challenges as an investigative journalist. Despite their differences, their chemistry is undeniable. When Max’s safety is threatened due to her job, Spencer feels compelled to protect her. 

I was impressed by Max’s unwavering commitment to exposing the misdeeds of the wealthy, particularly regarding chemical dumping and cancer clusters. As for Spencer, I found myself growing fond of him as the story progressed. His protective nature and genuine care for Max were endearing, and I appreciated his personal growth throughout the book.  

I found this book to be a strong standalone read. The writing flows smoothly, making it an easy and engaging read. I particularly appreciated the author’s ability to convey emotions and create a lighthearted atmosphere throughout the book. It has a great balance between the characters and their chemistry.  

All in all, I found the book to be thoroughly enjoyable. 

Book Stats:
Rating 4/5
Series: Badges of the Bayou
Tropes: First Responder, Small Town, Protector Romance, FBI Agent, Opposites attract, Grumpy Sunshine,