Give Me Forever by Layla Hagen

The latest addition to the Maxwell Brothers Series is Give Me Forever, which tells the story of Sam and Avery, a couple whose love was interrupted by timing.

After about a decade apart, they reunite, and their second chance at love is beautifully written. They seem to have been meant for each other all along, and the chemistry between them is palpable. 

Avery broke off their relationship in high school because she knew Sam had dreams of becoming a doctor and wanted to work with Doctors Without Borders, and she didn’t want to hold him back. She went on to build a good life for herself, but her business partner took advantage of her, leaving her penniless. Sam and Avery end up sharing an apartment, and their feelings for each other quickly reignite. Sam is determined not to let Avery slip away again, and Avery is willing to fight for their relationship despite her difficult circumstances. 

The Maxwells, including Tyler, who is now a new father, and the ladies in the family, offer their support to Avery and her new business, and the banter and antics of the group are as hilarious as ever. The reader also gets a glimpse into the lives of the other Maxwells, and it is clear that there will be more stories to come.

If you know me second chance and friends to lovers are not my favorite tropes in romance. If any author is going to get me to read the and like them it is author Layla Hagen.

Overall, Give Me Forever is a heartwarming second-chance romance with well-developed characters and a strong sense of family. 

Book Stats:
Rating: 4/5
Series: Maxwell Family
Tropes: Roommates, Second Chance, Family Series, Close Proximity,