My Sister’s Flirty Friend by Piper Rayne

Rating: 3/5
PoP: 15%
Tropes: Damaged Hero; Single Dad; Secret Baby; Friends-to-Lovers; Spin Off; Small Town
Series: The Greene Family Book 4
POV:  Dual 1st Person

I usually love anything that Piper Rayne writes, but this one missed the mark a little bit for me. We have Jed and Molly who have both been attracted to each other for years but aside from a moment when they first met nothing has transpired from this. Jed has recently discovered he is the father of a little girl from a weekend fling that he doesn’t remember. What follows is a little frustrating. Jed flounders but not in the way that you would hope. He is extremely selfish in the beginning especially with the way in which he interacts with his daughter and the way he deals with the advice given to him from his family. He has issues with the fact that the never knew about his child, which I get. But instead of taking hold and holding her close, he basically ignores everything around him. The way he is in the first couple of books he is supposed to have been this changed person who is grounded in his new reality which is a far cry from who he was when they first came to Alaska. But this guy is not who you saw before.

Molly is a little bit damaged and hasn’t really moved past a persona that was unfairly given to her because of events surrounding her. However, you get it and you an understand where she is coming from given her upbringing. She has been in love with Jed forever, but has never acted on this feelings because of something that happened in their past and the aftermath from it. She wants to be more to him, but he is blind to everything around him because of the person that he thinks he might be. He has this idea of who he is because of the dirt bag that his father is. And he doesn’t look at himself through the eyes of those around him. I love these two together and the dedication that Molly shows Emilia and wished that Jed had shown that from the get go. 
That said, once Jed get his head on straight and realizes he is being an idiot I really enjoy the way the story plays out. This is another wonderful addition to the Greene Family and the next one is going to be a doozy. 

You do not need to read all of the books because they standalone, but you totally should!