Cruel Daddy by Bianca Cole

I thoroughly enjoyed Cruel Daddy. The story of an anti-hero and the chaos of passion that comes with being under his control just sucked me into this story.  

It had a darkly delicious quality to it, and Milo was the epitome of a Grade-A villain that one can love to hate. He had constructed walls around him, and after his tumultuous experiences with his mother and ex, he carried a chip on his shoulder so big that the infamous “Big Dig” of Boston would seem like a minor mud puddle in comparison. 

Aida, on the other hand, had suffered the heartbreak of betrayal and callousness at the hands of her father, leaving a devastating long-term impact. Her situation was compounded by her circumstances, and it was easy to empathize with her pain. I appreciated that she acknowledged her contradictions and the futility of denying her desires. 

Although Milo and Aida’s relationship was steamy, it was also complex and messed up. Milo’s dominating tendencies were thrilling yet also occasionally off-putting, while Aida yearned for things she knew she shouldn’t. The wedding drama was quickly sidelined in favor of a different storyline, leaving the possibility of its return in a future book or series. 

Additionally, I couldn’t help but wonder if my imagination was playing tricks on me or if Aida’s best friend was involved in a secret relationship with an older man who was not to be discussed. It will be intriguing to see what comes of that nugget in the future. 

Book Stats:

Rating 4/5
Series: Boston Mafia Dons
Tropes: Age Gap, Anti Hero, Arranged Marriage, Force Proximity, Mafia, Alpha hole,