The Birthday Card Boyfriend | Krista Sandor

A reluctantly in love hero is one of my favorite elements in romance books! And oh my goodness does Keiran Starrycard fall so hard and so fast for Isabelle. Keiran feels that love is not in the cards for him, and he has resigned himself to live for his family and town.  Then, along comes Isabelle A. Adiare completely turns his world upside down.  This meet cute was for the record books, and Krista delivered so well on the sexual tension and emotional connection that these two characters have. 

I will be honest, I was not sure how much I was going to love Isabelle in the beginning.  But man was she guarding her heart from the world.  She let so few people into her life. However, the way she is with Keiran it is clear that she is finally able to be her true self.  He brings her back to the person that she wants to be.  She also see’s Keiran for the person he is, and loves him just the way he is.

If I could I would 100% pack my bags and move to Starrycard Creek, Co and quickly become best friends with Goldie Starrycard and crew! There are just so many things that I love about this book and the characters, but I fear that I would ruin it for you. Krista includes so many details that make this book and story so much more.  The descriptions are so vivid and left me never wanting their story to end.  Keiran is a swoony hero that loves and adores Isabelle in a way that only he can; and Isabelle loves and adores him for the man that he is; it is abundantly clear these two are soul mates.  If you love a small town, a hero that is walking green flags, a sassy and super smart heroine this book should be your next read!