Review: Loving Liv

WOW! WOW! SHAMWOW !  What do I say about this book!  I loved Stacey Kennedy’s Club Sin Series.  It was a series that I read when I was in a slump and had kind of given up on reading.  That series reignited a spark and a love of reading for me.  Those stories were so passionate and well done.  When I signed up to review the Gone Wild Series, I did not make the connection that Stacey Kennedy was writing one of the books.  I went into it because of my love for Avery Flynn.  Imagine my pure delight to not only get a story by Stacey but that it has characters from Club Sin make an appearance, one of my most favorite series. 

Loving Liv is simple a wonderful, spicy and sexy read.  I loved every sexy second of this story.  Liv has experienced the gravest of all insults.  She gave her heart to a man who then turned around and instead of caring for it he cheated on her.  He had not 1 but 5 mistresses.  Liv is afraid to trust her heart to anyone.  She has simply been living day to day instead of for herself.  She has built up so many walls around hear heart just so she can function.    

A chance meeting with Miles at a friend of a friend’s wedding and a hot moment of connection has left the two them dancing around each other for the last 3 months. An anonymous email to Miles has sent him running for a chance with Liv.  Miles has booked himself on the same singles cruise that Liv is on with her college friends.  The fates seem to be on Miles’ side as Liv seems equally happy to see him. 

Devoured this book and was emotionally invested to see what would happen with these two once the vacation bubble pops.  While this was absolutely a vacation-based book with a new dominate/submissive relationship it was not dark in the traditional sense of those kind of books.  It was fun, light with plenty of sexy.  This was a 5/5 star read for me!  And you get a HEA!