Review: The Image of You by Melanie Moreland

Rating: 4/5  PoP: 33%

Is losing your love the same as forgetting your love? After reading the prologue of this book, you know there is a much deeper story here than a second chance romance. Adam is a traveling photographer that needs answers to what caused the love of his life to disappear from his life. Alexander, or Ally to Adam, seems to be a different person from the one that he originally met and fell for. He is determined to find out why. 

I really like that this story was broken into two parts. The first gives us a front row seat as Adam and Ally quickly fall in love. I have said this before, and I stand by it, that Melaine can write insta-love in a way that is believable. Her characters are raw, compassionate, and understanding in a way that makes them open to the possibility of love. As Adam and Ally get to know each other, it is apparent that Ally does not have a great support system beyond a few people. This allows for tragedy to occur in Adam’s physical absence. One that leaves them both heartbroken and confused. 

Once things are somewhat resolved it would have been easy to wrap up the book but Melanie gives us more. She ties up all the loose ends and gives us time to enjoy the characters HEA. Not only does it heal Adam and Ally but the reader too. This an emotional read that shows both the good and evil of others. However, love always finds a way.