Tripp Wallace might be the grumpiest jerk I have ever read but clearly have fallen in love with. Tripp seriously has zero people skills.  He cannot read a room to save his life.  His antisocial behaviors are border line rude but really, I think this is simply a matter of keeping your head down and doing your job.  He is so focused on his game that he often misses the world around him.   Tripp had some manners to learn and maturity to reach none of which came without some major struggles and self-realization. 

Chandler was a less dynamic character in this story.  She is still finding her way in a world full of expectations none of which are her passion.  She is quiet and meek but with their underlying strength.  She doesn’t speak up to the world around her unless it is to Tripp because he has crossed one of her boundaries. 

These two were a disaster from the start. However, with each encounter they grew fond of each other and it was as swoon worthy.  This was a story heavy on the awkward laughs and not as steamy as I wanted.  Chewy, Tripp’s dog and Molly, Tripp’s neighbor really steal the spotlight on all the pages they appear.  They added some much-needed insights and laughs. 

Stories like this one are pure entertainment. I have read a few books by Sarah Ney and she does not disappoint.  She writes a wonderful male athlete hero who usually ends up with a quirky not typical love.  I was a little disappointed in Chandler.  I wanted more from her.  She just wasn’t as strong as I wanted to be.  I also felt the story was incomplete.  She didn’t realize her dreams and is still stuck working for her family. 

Books like Hard Love are so hilarious that you’ll roar with laughter. It’s the rom-com in the purest form, filled with funny situations, loveable characters.  Ney tends to write stories that are bit lite on the steam.  This is a story full of fun banter, snarky characters but I would say medium heat.  There are only about 2 steamy scenes. I do feel like this story is unfinished. I don’t feel I got a HEA.  They are together I guess…  They said I love you but that is it.