Kingston Avery- Financial Guru, owner of Avery Capital Holdings

Pria Wang- New head of HR at Avery Capital Holdings, daughter of fairly traditional Chinese parents

Which Cocky Hero Club realm:  Cocky Suit takes place in New York City and has features from Pixi and Aubrey from Cocky Bastard and Grayson from Stuck up Suit. 

Cocky Suit was a quick and easy read.  It has a good balance.  There is just enough drama, laughter, and steam to keep you engaged.  The meet cute between Pria and King was pretty funny and as a reader you aren’t exactly sure what you are signing up for.  This is the perfect book to grab for an afternoon on the beach or by the pool.  I read this in one evening just hanging on my patio.

I have read a good portion of the Cocky Hero Club novels that have previously released, and I was worried that this is part of the third round of 10 it might not be unique or feel overdone.  That was not the case with Cocky Suit.  It was a story unique on to itself.  The characters did not feel like they followed a formula.  I was very impressed with the story. 

This was a 4/5 read for me.  I would have liked a bit more.  King is such a good guy with a good heart even though he tends to be an ass, I would have liked to have had more opportunity to get to know him.