Review: Doctor Playboy by J Saman

Rating 4/5
Series: Boston Billionaire Bachelors
Series type: Interconnected Standalones
Tropes: Billionaire, Doctor, Family Series, Age- Gap, Dirty Talker, Second Chance,
PoP: 8%

Writing this review is hard because I do not want this book to be done. This is a book I immediately want to restart.  The Boston Billionaire Bachelor Series has been such a great series and we have one more book in the series to go, I am not ready to say goodbye to this incredible family. I love them all. The Abbott-Fritz brothers are everything I want in my heroes. But it is also the woman they are marrying.  These heroines are amazingly strong. Each one is unique in their quest. They each have fought their battles valiantly and come out stronger. They all have fallen for these stubborn and successful man and the HEA for each is just perfect.

Doctor Playboy is the story of Luca Abbot-Fritz and Raven Fairchild. Never have two souls been more fated to each other.  The tones of this story are little different than the others.  We see Luca struggling with his mental health and the obstacles life has laid in front of him.  He is convalescing after an injury to his shoulder that could stop his Neurosurgery dreams in their tracks.  The bright spot in this time is the dark haired beauty, Raven. 

Raven has been connected to the Abbott-Fritz family through her father’s employment with them.  But it isn’t until she is set to leave for her chance at the esteemed London Conservatory that Luca truly sees Raven and falls for her.  They spend these summer weeks exploring each other and truly getting to know their souls.

Dreams and Life get in the way of them being together (and bad advise from freaking Landon, Luca’s twin) have them parting ways.  Four Years Later.  Raven has graduated from the London Conservatory and has returned to Boston to play with the Pops Symphony. For four years Luca has regretted breaking Raven’s Heart. He has loved her and is desperate for a chance for forever. 

Luca is a hero that pines. A hero who thought he was doing the right thing.  He is determined to everything he can to show Raven he is her forever.  But their HEA is not easily won and Raven hold his feet to the fire and makes him work for every inch she gives. This age gap second chance romance is enchanting and sexy. It is a story that shows the hearts desire is so powerful. I want everyone to read this book and experiences the journey of true love and fated souls.   It is a story that shows  joys and the sorrows of life but with your true love by your side you can with stand it all.  You hearts will find their way back to each other always!

Honestly a must read that is perfect for all the lovers of the HEA.