Reviews of Book Recs from the Buzzing about Romance Community

Often times I am the one slinging the book recs to people but on occasion someone will recommend a title I should be reading. Here are a few of my recent reads that were suggested by members of the Buzzing about Romance Community.

A Proposal They Can’t Refuse by Natalie Natalie Caña.

This book was recommended by Gloria and Lindsey

This book is  so entertaining!
Lovely characters, mischievous grandparents, tempting chemistry. This story brought out the giggles and the tears. The complexity of the emotions really made this a phenomenal read!  
The topic of gentrification and preserving what has been in the neighborhood was very powerful in this story. It is done in a way that shows you the harm that is happening with these “improvements”.  
I did find it a bit anticlimactic that the reason for the separation between Liam and Kamilah was never fully addressed. I kept waiting for there to be a reckoning of their pasts, but unfortunately vague mentions of an incident at Kamilah’s prom was all readers got. 
Let’s talk about those meddling grandpa. Seriously I want to kiss them and keep them in my pocket! I love them both so much.   
I listened to the audiobook which is read by Valentina Ortiz.  

Layer by Layer by Kaylee Ryan

Rating: 5/5
Trope: Strangers on a Plane, meet cute, family series, co-workers, close proximity, Second Chance at Love, Billionaire hero,

As I continue down my discovery off al the amazing books by Kayee Ryan, I am just now starting the Riggins Brothers Series. I am obsessed. This story was everything I did not know I needed. I love Sawyer and Royce. I love that she saw beneath his layers. I say that she was able to see his heart even when he was trying to shield. Royce was so good at reminding Sawyer that family isn’t just blood. That you can have family with those you choose. I am now obsessed with these brothers and can not wait to get started on the next book.

The feels of this book were everything I love about romance. The family, the discovery of something new. The shift that love can cause in how you see the world and those around you.. This was a bit of a slow burn but the chemistry was on point! Once I started this story I could not put it down. Royce’s cautious approach to a relationship was fair and so well done and it balanced just the perfect amount of angst.

Piece by Piece by Kaylee Ryan

Rating: 5/5
Tropes: Instant Connection, Different worlds, vacation meet, Billionaire hero, Family series, virgin, slow burn

Owen and Layla are just the best. I really loved this story. Owen, the grumpy bearded hero. The numbers guy who just wants to do best by his family. Connection outside the family are not easy for him. When he experiences the “magic”, that connection he is all in with out looking back. Layla was such a thoughtful character. She did not dispute the connection but she went forward cautiously. Owen is a hero with touch as a love language He need to feel her connection and know that she was in the moment with him. It wasn’t controlling, it had this care about it.

Virgin Trope can be a hard sell at times. Layla was a virgin out of self preservation. She knew what she was capable of and what the consequences would be from that kind of intimacy and being that she as scraping to get by and working all the time relationships were not something she did. Who Layla is and her past made her view the world with some skepticism and her trust in humanity was limited. Owen accepted that and moved at her speed. The slow burn did nothing to squash the chemistry and attraction between these two, if anything it made the connection that much better. This is a absolute MUST read!

Kiss by Kiss by Kaylee Ryan

Rating 4//5
Tropes: Meet Cute, Foodie Romance, Billionaire, Curvy Heroine, Family series,
CW: Past Verbal Abuse and Fat shaming, Eating disorder.

This is Brother #3’s story. Grant is absolutely the middle child with middle child energy. Grant upon meeting Aurora knows that her and her baked goods are going to be the only thing to satisfy his cravings. Grant not really a playboy like the younger two brothers but not the total work minded type like the older two. Grant is absolutely his own man. Even as Aurora pushing back he meets her where she is. He doesn’t push for more than he is ready to give.

Aurora is overcoming a some past hurt and starting her life a new in Nashville. She isn’t sure she is ready for the intensity that comes with dating Grant Riggins. She was very thoughtful to her approach. I just wanted her to have more voice. She was so timid to share her life and at times made the story feel slow. Over all it is a good read I just needed more.