Review: Just a Batter of Time

Rating: 3.5/5
Standalone Book
Tropes: Brother’s best friend, Bakery, Friends to Lovers, Floof in Charge, virgin, Slow Burn, Read body Rep
Pop 71%

Riley is happy where she is.  She is baking and living her dream, for the most part…  There are some things she has yet to experience.

Liam is a good guy! His adoration of Riley is just so sweet. He truly would do anything for her. 

This story has a bit of praise kink, and he is a bit of a boss in the bedroom added some nice spice to this story.

This was a cute and quirky read.  I did struggle at times with the Friends to Lovers aspect. (It is one trope that I do not instantly fall in love with.)  But overall, there was enough chemistry and spice that I truly enjoyed the story. 

Molly O’Hare writes great curvy heroines and good guy heroes that I instantly one click on her books. If you are looking for great body rep in romance stories Molly O’Hare is a great place to start.