Review: Rough and Ready

Rating 4/5
Italian Stallion book #3
Series of Standalones
Tropes: MFM, Friends to lovers, siblings best friends, close proximity, Throuple
Pop: 51%

Siblings’ best friend x2 equals some much chemistry and burn that this story is scorching.  

Keeley has just lost her job, her apartment rent increased and she hasn’t had a good first date in months. She just needs to change things up. The two guys she knows can turn her dating record around are best friends with her brother.   

Rafe inherits his late uncle Albert’s estate, he’s left with a huge mansion filled with paperwork and a handful of random businesses left to run. When he discovers Keeley needs a job, it only makes sense to hire her to help him find his way out from under the boxes of paperwork as he navigates his new reality.

Gio is a flirt but he is looking for his true love and truly fulling relationship. The only time in his past he has come close to that is when he has shared women with his best friend Rafe.  Gio is desperate to try again and this time for good but the one woman in both their sites just happens to be their best friend’s little sister!

Rough and Ready is full of chemistry and spiciness.  Keeley, Gio and Rafe have and amazing friendship and care for one another. It felt natural for their relationship to evolve the way it did. Their attraction was bubbling under the surface and all it took was one kiss for it to light up the world around them.  There was a natural progression to this relationship that I really liked, and it fit to who these characters are. 

Sometimes in a throuple romance it can be hard to see the uniqueness of personalities, but Mari Carr does a spectacular job of showing us who these characters and how different they are but how they fit together.  Gio and Keely are all in. They are outload with their feelings and expressive.  Rafe is more reserved; he is more cautious and thoughtful with how he shares himself with the world. 

Rough and Ready id lighthearted ghost story romance. It is steamy while having some romantic moments.  There is so much to this story you should add to your TBR!