Wildfire- Vino & Veritas book #1 | Garrett Leigh

Vino Veritas is one of my favorite series, and a place that I love to revisit.  There are so many amazing characters and authors that write in this world.  When I saw there were more books being added I was so excited. And this new set of books starts off with a lot of heart.  Kia and Joss are such wonderful characters.  Individually they each have such unique backgrounds and life experiences along with deep scars and emotions.  

Joss is a wanderer, gathering friends and a found family on his travels.  His friend Jax convinces him a short term gig as a chef at Vino & Veritas is the perfect place for him.  Joss has not had an easy go of things and he is still working on managing his ADHD and Tourettes.  I adored this character so much.  He has a giant heart and is so gifted in the kitchen.  It is clear that being a chef is his true passion in life and he expresses himself through food so beautifully.  Joss also thrives on nature, and Vermont offers the perfect backdrop for those that seek nature.  

Kia is struggling with PTSD and has such a quiet force about him.  He is a giant teddy bear and cares so deeply for others.  Kia notices everything and makes such an effort to do things for others that will make their days easier and brighter.  He is gifted with his hands and builds beauty around him.  

When Joss arrives in Vermont and is offered the second bedroom in the apartment Kia is staying in, the pair form an instant friendship and connection. Kia provides Joss with a sense of calmness and offers zero judgment and an understanding that Joss is not often met with. Joss offers the same sense of calm and acceptance for Kia.  When Kia, who thought he was straight, starts to see Joss in differently than he has any man before. I thoroughly enjoyed the evolution of their friendship to something a little more.  For these two it was about the friendship and connection that neither had experienced before.  They support and cherish each other and build a true partnership.  If you enjoy a found family, close knit friend group and books with a lot of heart and emotion this needs to be on your TBR shelf! 

Content warning: contains mentions of depression, ADHD, suicidal ideation, and PTSD recovery.