Far From Bliss by Lexi Blake

Rating: 4/5
Tropes: Friends to Lovers; Reformed Playboy; Protector; Small Town
Pop: 42%
Series: Nights in Bliss, Colorado Book 12
POV: 3rd Person

Lexi Blake can write the gamut of books.  This is another example how how well versed she is.  I adored her characters development and growth they all have.  This is the story of Lucy who has been in love with her best friend Ty forever.  He too has been in love with her but has made some bad decisions along the way.  This is also the story of Michael who has been through a lot prior to staying in Bliss two years ago.  Blake gives us her blended relationship.  This is not a triangle but rather a throuple in which they thrive together as a threesome. Ty and Michael counter each other and their balance is exactly what Lucy needs.  I love the fact that when Ty decided he was done, and he wanted to move forward with Lucy she doesn’t give in to his demands right away because she doesn’t trust that he is in it for the right reasons. This story has the backdrop of suspense that you get in this Bliss series, but it doesn’t overtake the storyline of the three main characters.  This is a well written and well throughout addition to this series.