Bombshell by Jessica Prince

Series: Whiskey Dolls Book 1
Tropes: Single Dad; Small Town; Ex’s Brother; Widower; Slow Burn; Nanny
POV: Dual 1st Person
PoP: 64%
Rate: 5/5 Stars
Release Date: May 10, 2021

I have recently gotten back into the books by Jessica Prince, and I am not sad about it. This is book one of her Whiskey Dolls spin-off series, and she hits everything think I need in a romance book. We met Marin in Play For Keeps, but aside from detailed nuances with her past relationship you do not need to read the book to get a real feel about Marin as a whole.

Marin at one time dated Pierce’s brother Frank, but that ended BADLY. She feels as though Pierce doesn’t like her, and avoids him when possible. Pierce is a single dad to adorable Eli, and his wife passed away when Eli was an infant and he is still reeling from that loss. There are reasons behind his treatment of Marin, and you can understand the reasoning behind it once you find out what it is.

This book is perfection. Truly, I love the way in which Prince weaves the story and relationship between Pierce and Marin. There is a great secondary story that follows Marin’s sister and her relationship as well. I wasn’t sure how well this spin-off would work because of the success of Hope Valley, but it doesn’t miss a beat. There are some amazing moments, and there are moments when you want to throw your kindle because of actions Pierce takes because of his own fears. These are two strong people who have overcome so much, but at the same time, Pierce has been holding bak in a lot of ways. Marin brought him out of that chaos, but his fears took hold for a while. I am excited to dive into book 2 and see just where the Whiskey Dolls take us.