Review: Presidential Bargain by Rebecca Gallo

Rating: 4/5
Steam: 3/5
Trope: Age Gap, Political Romance, Fake Relationship Trope, Close Proximity,
Series: Book 1 of 2, Presidential Promises.

Jameson is hoping to be the next President of the US, to improve his image he is seeking a fake fiancée. He is trying to be more relatable to the average American. In walks the very feisty and opinionated Georgie.

I loved how this couple worked together, their attraction was completely believable, they had common goals and interests. It wasn’t like a constant battle; their issues generally came from other people’s interference. The push and pull between them added to the chemistry on the page.   

Jameson is such a great character. He is not perfect his lack of communication skills with Georgie was sometimes infuriating.  I enjoyed Georgie pushing back.  She really made her way and didn’t just accept what he was willing to give her.  Georgie was strong, smart and funny, genuinely kind and thoughtful, she sometimes comes off a bit naive.  But overall she is a fantastic character. 

I picked this book off based on a Tiktok Rec.  This is my first book by this author, I also didn’t realize it was her debut novel.  Overall it is a very enjoyable story.  There are a couple of pieces that when in the world of politics and Presidential Candidates that were a little sticky (unrealistic) which as someone who follows and enjoys most politics it created some cringy moments.