Protecting Her Honor by CC Monroe

Series: Standalone
PoP: 43%
Rate: 5/5 Stars
POV: Dual 1st Person
Tropes: Second Chance; Childhood best friends; Single Mom; Heroine in Danger; Hero in Uniform

Sterling and Audrey were best friends, until she ends up pregnant to her high school boyfriend Blaine. They are forced to get married and right before the wedding Sterling tells Audrey her true feelings, but she rejects him and walks away. They don’t see each other for 8 years, until Sterling is face to face with her when a warrant is served at her house. What follows is an alpha staking his claim on the woman he has loved forever and make mistakes about after she walked always. Audrey has been in a bad marriage and walked away after things happened, but her ex-husband is not making her life easy. Her twin daughters are adorable, and I love the way in which Sterling claims them as his own as well. This story is well thought out and well written.

There are suspenseful moments because of the situation with Blaine, but there are so many sweet moments with Sterling and Audrey as well as those moments with the girls. But there are some extremely steamy moments that work so well. I loved the fact that when Audrey enters back into Sterling’s life, she gets everything she walked away from. There is some frustration because of the fact that they lost touch, but they were young teenagers when this was happening originally, so you get the reasoning and hurt behind it. I adored the possessive nature that Sterling had, but he wasn’t controlling. And that epilogue was just the perfect ending to everything with this HEA.