Review: Praise by Sara Cate

Rating: 5/5
Tropes: Age-gap, forbidden, Instant connection, co-workers

I have never been so excited for a book as I was for Praise by Sara Cate.  I read this blurb and I was all in. 
But the heart of the story was so much MORE than what was in the blurb. This was more than finding acceptance for your desires.  This was a story about listening to your heart.  That when you find that missing piece everything else will work out.

Emerson Grant was pure sensuality.  The prologue sets up just how smart and forward thinking this man is.  While he knows what he desires he is not perfect.  From the outside looking in he seems to have everything he could ever want.  Emerson is missing that person who he can connect with. He wants a relationship with some one that is willing to accept all of him. He is haunted by his lack of relationship with his son. These 2 forces collide in the most unexpected of ways.

Charlotte “Charlie” Underwood is doing everything to survive.  Her dad has left the family after her sister Sophie shared who she truly was.  Her mom is doing everything she can to keep them afloat.  Having recently broken up with her boyfriend she is living in her mom’s pool house (it is not fancy).  In order to get her ½ of the deposit back she has to confront her ex’s father…. 

The characters of Emerson and Charlotte have a very moving journey to their HEA.  I loved them together and just how beautiful their relationship was.  They were a forced drawn to each other that when a part they were aimless. 

The story was unexpected and beautiful.  The chemistry and the tension between these characters makes the story explosive.  I really connected with both of their stories. It was more than just a sexual relationship. The characters had this deep connection that fed their souls. Also, if you want to dip your toes into the Praise Kink Lifestyle this is a great place to start. I cannot state just how good this book was!  It is absolutely worth a read.