Claim by Sienna Snow

Sienna Snow’s take on the captivating Midnight Dynasty world of Morellis and Constantines is a delightful addition to the series. While I’m a devoted fan of the drama, elite antics, and charismatic antiheroes in this alluring world, I was particularly intrigued by her portrayal of Sophia, the middle Morelli sister. 

In prior books, Sophia may have been overshadowed by her more demanding siblings. Sienna Snow gives us a character who is a bit of a chamelon, she presents herself as what to people expect including her family. Sophia’s Morelli calcified baggage adds complexity to her character but also her equal parts innocence and desire. Although her backstory is hinted at, there’s a promise of more exploration in future installments. 

Damon, the male lead, comes across as somewhat one-dimensional and an engima, there author doesn’t not spend much time giving us insight to Damon. While his obsession with Sophia is apparent, his past baggage and sexy lover persona are explored in what has come a common BDSM Vibe in erotic romance. The connection between Damon and Sophia, though lusty, feels somewhat rushed, and their relational evolution could benefit from more emotional depth. It leaves me hoping that book 2 will give us a story and more in depth character arch.  

Despite this, the last 20% of the book provides an engaging and exciting twist as the secondary plot unfolds. The potential for the relationship to evolve further is evident, and the chemistry between Lucian and Damon adds an entertaining dynamic. As the story progresses, I’m eager to see where the next installment takes us, especially with the promise of more Morelli cameos, which are always a favorite.

Book Stats:  

Rating: 4/5
Series: Violent Delights
World: Midnight Dynasty
Tropes: age-gapalphaholeanti-heromorally-greybdsmkinkbrother-s-best-friend3rd-act-break-updarkerotica
Pop: 15%