The Lady Billionaire

I love a billionaire romance… but one thing we don’t always see are the woman billionaires in romance.

The woman billionaire exists, we all know it. This is a trope that doesn’t get enough attention.

What do I love about a billionaire romance?

It’s so far out of my realm of reality it truly takes me to another world. There is a measure of frivolity in the billionaire romance because of the way of life that can be afforded. At the same time, it gives you glimpses at the realness of the characters.

What do I love about the lady billionaire?

It’s the fact that readers have to search a little more for the lady billionaire. Authors tend to move to the stereotype of the fact that it’s a male dominate world. But why don’t we have more woman billionaires in romance. Whether it’s family money that they come into, or they are a boss lady who creates her own empire.

Here are some lady billionaires that are excellent reads.