Bain | Sawyer Bennett

This is the book I feel like Sawyer Bennett’s fans have been waiting for since Riggs… I mean after Baden- LOL! Bain is the fun loveable golden retriever that we all love.  And Don’t even get me started on Kiera.  What a serious badass! She obviously loves her family because she moves herself so her brother can play in the NHL again, and she changes her job so we can watch her nephews. She has big aspirations and after getting to know her, there is no doubt that she will make her dreams happen.  Kiera also happens to be Drake McGinn’s baby sister, the Pittsburg Titans goalie.  I simply adore the tropes in this book; teammates sister, and friends with benefits to friends to lovers!   

Bain and Keira have some serious sexual chemistry and this friends with benefits arrangement is hot! So darn steamy!  These two literally cannot keep their hands off each other and I think the sneaking around that they did made it even more exciting for everyone…including readers!  As their friendship blossoms things also heat up in the bedroom. Kiera and Bain have the best banter, and they really understand one another.  As they decide to take things more and more seriously, life hands them some unexpected challenges.  While the challenges would tear other couples apart, it truly made these two stronger. They learned so much about one another, and their support system rallied around these two.  Speaking of their support system, I simply adore the relationship that Drake and Bain albeit a little reluctantly create … .as well as the amazing ladies of the Titan’swe get sneak peaks into their lives after their HEA’s! 

The range of emotions that I felt while reading this book…..I literally was sobbing, then shaking my head with these two.  And in true Sawyer Bennett fashion we wait on Bain and Kiera to wake up and see what is right in front of them.  And then there is the OTHER TEASE about the Cold Fury and a trade…..the surprises keep coming and I for one am 100% in for this ride with the Titans! I am so excited for what is in store for this team!  Keep these gems coming, Sawyer!!!