Sneak Attack by Stacey Lynn

“Sneak Attack by Stacey Lynn: A Captivating Single Dad Second Chance Football Romance”

In “Sneak Attack” by Stacey Lynn, readers are immersed in a captivating single-dad second chance football romance. Eden, having weathered the storms of her past, reluctantly returns to her hometown, driven by unwavering loyalty to Marley and a need to confront the painful memories she left behind. However, her plans to avoid everyone, including Cole and his son Jasper, take an unexpected turn when she discovers that Cole’s feelings are far from what she anticipated. 

Cole, a successful professional football player and devoted father to Jasper, finds himself unable to erase the memories of the woman who still owns his heart. Despite the past events that drove them apart, Cole is resolute upon reuniting with Eden not to let her slip away again. This commitment forces him to confront the lingering pain of their shared history. 

As we follow Eden and Cole on their poignant journey, the narrative unfolds as a tale of healing, forgiveness, and a rekindled love that stands the test of time. Despite the challenges posed by the past, the intense emotions between them remain undiminished, creating a story that resonates with themes of enduring love and the power of second chances. 

Book Stats:
Rating 4/5
Series: Nashville Steel
Tropes: Football Romance, Second chance, Single Dad, Sports Romance, Slow Burn, Small Town
Pop: 78%