Broken | Vanessa Vale & Helen Hardt

Chance Bridger has sort of been a mystery to readers throughout this series.  While he grew up on the ranch, it is clear that he hasn’t had the perfect life.  His father made his life very difficult.  Some may think Chance’s life was glamorous given that his father had so much money, but the things that make a life wonderful aren’t what money can buy.  As the investigation continues and starts to narrow in on Chance his past blows into town.  Avery Marsh.  The girl that got away, and the girl that broke Chance’s heart is back.  When Avery Marsh left Bayfield, Montana she hoped she never would return.  Now in her new role in the FBI she is back, and facing the man that broke her heart 15 years ago.  

When this couple came face to face after 15 years of being apart I almost squealed with excitement.  It was so perfect. A lot has happened for both of these characters in the last 15 years, and they each have their own idea of what broke them apart.  They are both hurt, and have dealt with challenges and life away from each other.  

I really love how this author duo showed us the bone deep connection that Avery and Chance have.  It is easy to tell readers that they are meant to be together, but it is another to show readers.  Avery and Chance are drawn to each other, and thrive when the other is near.  They have an intense emotional and physical connection, and it is STEAMY! So steamy, and just the right amount. 

When the past interferes in their future I was holding my breath….this HEA was 15 years in the making and so hard earned.  I also thought I couldn’t hate a character more than Jonathan Bridger, after the previous books.  But nope, his evil continues.  As much as I hate him, he also gave us these three amazing brothers that we all fell in love with.  I am sad that this Bridger brothers series is over, but so happy that we got to meet them and their amazing women that make them so happy! I hope that Vanessa Vale and Helen Hardt give us more, because these books were amazing!