Saving Danger

Stars: 5/5
Steam: 3/5
Trope: Friends to Lovers; Brother’s Best Friend; Fake Relationship
Series: Red Stone Security Book 17
POV: 3rd Person

Katie Reus gives another great addition to this series! Ivy and Nash have an intense connection that they individually are scared to take a chance on. Ivy is the little sister of Nash’s best friend and while they are also good friends, they have feelings that are way past the friend zone. Ivy starts working a case for the art insurance company that contracted her out, and in the midst of this creates a fake-relationship with Nash for a cover. However, Nash wants no part of it to be fake, and truly Ivy doesn’t either. What we get is the transition from fake to real with the added Reus suspense. We get minor check-ins with other Red Stone characters, and yo do not have to read the previous books before this one, it holds up as a standalone. But this is an amazing series, and you would be remiss not to read it.