Ep 135: Trope Talk- The Everyday Billionaire

On this episode of Buzzing about Romance we are Trope Talking The Billionaire Hero. Joining us for this episode is Rachel and Carolina.  Our Patreon Community Voted and they picked our 4 sub tropes of the billionaire tropes that we are providing recommendations for.

The sub tropes were voted on by members of the Buzzing about Romance Patreon.     

Sub Tropes:  

  • Age Gap  
  • Second Chance  
  • Sibling’s Best Friend  
  • Marriage of Convenience 

Some of the questions we ask on this episode are:

  • What is the draw to a Billionaire Romance  
  • What works and doesn’t work in this type of romance  
  • Authors who are known to write Billionaires  

We will be providing you with 2-3 Book Recs per category.  

You can find the Full TBR Here

Book of the Week:

Drunk Book Club:  Feb Drunk Book Club is Happening on Feb 18th at 3p We are reading Ripple Effect by J Bengtsson  

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