Waiting for Midnight by Mari Carr

She felt cherished, adored, safe…wanted.

Mari Carr is one of those authors that can flip back and forth between novellas and novels and there is not difference in the style of the story. In Waiting for Midnight, she creates an effortless tale about Gia and Xander in only 125 pages. That’s not to say there isn’t depth and wonder in those pages. Carr has a knack for giving well developed characters and storylines in few words (as well as many when it comes to her novels).

Gia had a crush on Xander, the older brother to one of her best friends since she was younger. Xander has lived away from their small town for a few years, and is a successful business man. As his story unfolds, it shows the burgeoning feelings he has for Gia as well, but their age gap has always been an issue in the past. When his younger brother is marrying the girl of his dreams, Xander comes home for the wedding, and their lives will never be the same.

Waiting for Midnight was everything I expected and more…

The way these characters act is mature and each interaction is well composed. Carr doesn’t skimp on the spice, adding in some kinks that were unexpected in the sense that neither delved into the previously. But as always, they are treated with care. These Sparks in Texas novellas hit all the right spots.

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POV: 3rd Person Multi
3rd Act Break-Up: No
Tropes: Age Gap; Small Town; Childhood Crush
Series: Sparks in Texas
Type of Series: Series of  Standalones
Rate: 5/5 Stars
Release Date: February 13, 2024
PoP: 48%