QSR: Heathens by Alta Hensley

On This episode of a Quick Shot of Romance  Amanda joins Becky to review Heathens by Alta Hensley.    A Dark Billionaire Stalker Romance.

The Synopsis:

She invited the darkness in, so she’ll have no one else to blame when I come for her.
The Hunt.
It is a sinister game of submission. She’ll run. I’ll chase.
And when I catch her, it will be savage. Untamed. Primal.
I will be the beast from her darkest fantasies.

I should be protecting her, but instead I’ve been watching her. Stalking her.
She’s innocent. Forbidden. The daughter of my best friend.
But she chose this.
And even if she made a mistake, even if she wants to run, to escape, it’s far too late.
She’s mine now.

Release Date: Jan 5, 2024 
Trope: Dad’s best friend, age-gap, small town, pining, stalker, unexpected protector, forbidden  
Kink- Primal Kink, Dom/Sub   
Put out percentage: 40%  
Is there a 3rd act break up YES 
CW- Consensual Non Consent, Murder of a parent , stalking  

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