Love on the Lake | Helena Hunting

When the Firestone family lives start to unravel in Chicago, Teagan is there to help her dad and brothers pick up the pieces.  After her mothers death she has always been the one that supported her dad and been there for him, but when he begins to find happiness Teagan realizes that it is time for her to find her happiness, too.  She heads to Pearl Lake to be near her brother and future sister in law to figure out what her feature holds.  She picks up several different jobs around town and winds herself into the fiber of the town, and continues to try all sorts of different things to see what makes her happy.  The mysterious hunky construction worker, Aaron also gets her attention.  Aaron is very aloof with Teagn but flirts with every other woman in town….including the old woman.  That irritates Teagan with a fiery passion.  

Aaron is a quiet guy who likes to stick to his routine and not get too close to anyone.  That is until Teagan strolls into town and catches him off guard.  He literally doesn’t know what to do.  The pair embark on a casual relationship that quickly becomes more.  Aaron has secrets and he works hard to keep them from everyone.  Teagan doesn’t push.  But as they grow closer and the truths start coming out and Teagan is there to support him through it.  When Aaron decides that it is time for his secrets to come to light.  It is Teagan that is there to love and support him through it.  As Aaron is embarking on a new normal he realizes that Teagan is struggling.  A lot more than he realized.  She too is keeping secrets and possibly has too much on her plate.  

I related to Teagan SO MUCH.  As I read their story I wanted to gently shake her and remind her that this is the time that she needed to put herself first, and that saying no is ok.  But for someone like Teagan that has been a people pleaser her whole life, stepping back and declining responsibilities is difficult.  When Aaron steps in, Teagan struggles to see his side.  Friends, this is where Aaron shines.  He SHINES! Even when she is working hard to push him away he is there, supporting her and not telling her what she wants to hear, but what she needs to hear.  

Teagan and Aaron had amazing chemistry….lots and lots of chemistry.  But true to Helena form, I absolutely fell in love with Teagan and Aaron. These two were made for each other. They worked hard for the relationship they built and didn’t stop working on themselves.  I have long been a Helena fan, but Aaron moved to the top of the book boyfriend list.  If you love small towns, steam connections, fun banter, and loveable realistic characters this needs to be your next read!  Amazing book, Helena!