Quick Shot of Romance: Praise by Sara Cate

On this Episode of a Quick Shot of Romance Becky and Heather review Praise by Sara Cate. This is a new release out on March 17, 2022.

Synopsis:  From Good Reads  

He calls me perfect. 
His flawless pet. 
His good girl.  
Broken down and wounded by my emotionally neglectful ex, I wanted someone to tell me I was good enough.  
Then, I stumbled into a new job with a boss who brings me to my knees—literally. He has me do things a real secretary would never do.  
Emerson Grant tells me I’m more than just good enough. 
I’m worthy of his praise.  
There are a million reasons why I should stay away. The owner of the Salacious Players’ Club is not just my new boss, he’s twice my age. 
And my ex-boyfriend’s father. 
With him, I am treasured. I am adored. I am his. 
I’m a good girl, but I’m falling for the wrong man. 
Emerson Grant knows what he wants— 
And he wants me. 
So how far will I go to hear his approval? 

Release Date: March 17, 2022 
Trope: Age-Gap, Taboo, co-worker, slow burn  
Put out percentage: 35%- public masturbation, 54%  

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