Camden by Sawyer Bennett

Camden by Sawyer Bennett – An Emotional Romance that Captivates Hearts

Camden, the eighth installment in the emotionally gripping Pittsburgh Titans Series.

This is the story about Camden Poe, one of the revered “Lucky 3” original members of the Titans. Fate kept him from boarding the ill-fated plane that tragically claimed the lives of his teammates, leaving him to grapple with survivor’s guilt and bury his emotions deep within. 

The opening sequence of the book is so well down that we are thrown right into Camden’s shoes and quickly realize he has not yet come to terms with his feelings of grief and loss. It has started to surface, affecting both his personal life and professional career. Strongarmed into seeking support, he reluctantly attends a group meeting where he unexpectedly reunites with Danica Brandt, the widow of his fallen teammate, Mitch. An unexpected bond forms between Camden and Danica, but they must navigate their emotions cautiously due to the unspoken “bro” code. 

What follows is an emotional and enthralling journey as Camden and Danica struggle to unravel their feelings and come to terms with what their connection means for them as a couple. Camden’s tender relationship with Travis, Danica’s young son, is heartwarming, as he endeavors to be there for both without overshadowing Mitch’s memory, a gesture that is deeply endearing. 

Sawyer Bennett masterfully crafts complex characters that tug at heartstrings. Camden Poe’s struggle with tragedy and his emotional turmoil will resonate deeply with readers, creating a powerful connection. The well-paced plot is filled with unexpected twists, keeping readers engrossed from start to finish.

This book truly touched my heart, witnessing Camden and Danica’s transformation from friends to lovers was a challenging yet heartening process. Watching Camden reclaim control of his life was inspiring. This romance encompasses all the elements I seek in a great story—passion, romance, banter, tension, and chemistry. The writing by author Sawyer Bennett is why I keep coming back to these stories.

The audiobook version of “Camden” by Sawyer Bennett, narrated by skilled performers Aaron Shedlock and Savannah Peachwood, adds a new dimension to the story. Their enthralling performances give life to the characters, making the listening experience truly captivating. Their seamless narration brings out the characters’ emotions, making it a must-listen for romance enthusiasts.

In “Camden” by Sawyer Bennett, readers will find a touching romance that goes beyond love and loss. The story of Camden Poe’s emotional journey, intertwined with heartwarming moments with Danica and Travis, is a testament to the strength of the human spirit. This emotionally charged novel, with its well-developed characters and captivating plot, is an unforgettable addition to the Pittsburgh Titans Series and a must-read for romance enthusiasts seeking a love story that will resonate long after the final page.

Book Stats:
Rating: 5/5
Series: Pittsburgh Titans
Tropes: Hockey Romance, Single Parent, Single Mom, Second chance at love, Widow, close proximity, emotional trauma,

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