A Reckless Memory | Marie Johnston

When I saw that Marie was starting a whole new series, I knew I had to go to the TIPPY TOP of my TBR.  And boy oh boy am I glad that I did.

One of the things that I appreciate about Marie the most is that she is not afraid to make families messy.   We know that in real life not everyone gets along, and it isn’t hunky dory all of the time.  Especially when money and land are in the mix! She gives us some old school rancher men that are a little stuck in their ways and watching their kids work their way to the life that they want is always so satisfying! And that is so true for Aggie.  Agatha Christie Knight, but goes by Aggie was born to a free spirit, a grumpy old school man.  She was often protected by her brothers that didn’t know how else to support her, and in the end did the best that they could, because well; they were also parented by the grump. I think of how her father hurt her, and how it must have felt when she realized that the man that she loved and was planning a life with was paid by her father.  My heart hurt for her so badly.  But this girl was not about to let anything hold her back, so she worked for what she wanted and made her own way in the world.  And she is a force.  And definitely the kind of girl you want by your side and to be BFF’s with.  

Ansen has always roamed, and never felt settled or at home.  He is desperate to find his way in the world, but seems to always be trusting and aligning himself with people that are set to hurt him. I think to others he may appear as a user, but I think he is lost, and is looking for his place in the world.  He has damaged relationships with pretty much everyone around him and is almost at rock bottom when a job offer for a rescue comes in.  And he heads to the last place he ever wanted to land, North Dakota.  Where he comes face to face with his lost love Aggie.  

Their past is painful, but I love how they both navigated it.  These two have some serious soul deep connections and I love how Ansen loves Aggie just the way she is.  Wild hair, freckles, and dirty boots.  Not only do they have a serious emotional chemistry but the connection between the sheets was undeniable.  And man can Marie write a sexy steamy scene.  These two could hardly keep their hands off each other, but it was no way over the top or unnecessary for the story line.  It was perfect.  If Marie is a new to you author this is a great place to start, while this is interconnected to previous Oil Barron series you won’t be lost, but I will warn you; you will want to go back and read all of the Oil Barron series, and you will be frantically waiting book #2 in this series.  I am so looking forward to what the Knight family has to bring, and let’s just say that Aggie’s brothers are going to give us all of the feels.