Review: For the Love of Easton by AM Hargrove

STEAM: 4/5
AGNST: 3/5
TROPE: Single Mom; Fake Relationship; Co-Worker
SERIES: For the Love Book 2

We first meet English Bridges in For the Love of English in which her dad Beck and her teacher Sheridan embark on a fake relationship that delves into so much more. English finds herself in a life that somewhat mirrors her fathers, and I adore the fact that Hargrove went this route. She is the single mom to a beautiful and confident little girl. She and Tristan both find themselves in situations where a relationship is the catalyst to find the answers to their problems. Tristan’s being a family situation and inheritance issue, English in a custody issue with a douche-nugget of a baby daddy who has come back after years. I fell in love with English the first time around, and was hoping to see her have her HEA and she more than found it in Tristan. Tristan created his amazing relationship with Easton, and again you see the mirror of how it falls along the lines of English and Sheridan. You get plenty of Banana and Geepa and little snippets of her half-siblings. We have waited years for this book, and it was worth the wait. I can only hope Hargrove gives us more Bridges siblings or even Easton herself.

You do not need to read For the Love of English where we first meet English, Beck, and Sheridan. But there are little nuances in the book that you don’t get in this book and if you want to completely understand you should read it. You will not be disappointed.