Review: Nashville Nights by Julie Capulet

Rating: 4/5
Steam: 4
Angst: 3
Trope: Rockstar, reformed playboy, insta-love, small town, broken hero.
Series: Music City Lovers #2
Trigger Warning: Substance abuse.
POV: Dual Point of View, 1st person

Gigi is almost 21, a social work student, and is very naïve. Vaughn (24) is a playboy, drummer of a #1 rock band. He lives his life on the edge. He hides from himself in other and regrets from his past in the form of alcohol, drugs, and women. He just doesn’t want to feel anything.   There is an instant connect the moment these two meet!

Vaughn falls hard when he meets Gigi.   Gigi quickly realizes that he has the power to break her heart.  She goes into protector mode in order to save herself from heartache.  Gigi has a kindness, understanding, and smarts about her. She is a survivor.

Vaughn is a man who is hurt and struggling and then healed by love, it is one of my favorite tropes in romance. Vaugh experiences a lot of growth and self-realization in the story. Instead of needing to be numb, Vaugh finds calm.  I appreciate that Vaughn’s realization and struggles are not instantly taken care off.  That he must put in the work.

The heat in this book is smoking hot. Their physical connection is intense. Their coming together is steam worthy!  I really enjoyed their story. I read this as a stand alone  book.