Mine to Keep by Kennedy L Mitchell

There is just something about this series that I love. Kennedy L Mitchell takes the storyline of a serial killer and draws me in every single time. We get suspense, thrills, and intense chemistry in Mine to Keep. Charlie Bekham made an impact in his previous showing in this series, and I couldn’t wait to get his story. Ryhan Riggs is a woman who kind of floundering in her personal life because of a past relationship but is rock solid in her personal life.

These two work in the same department but haven’t had any interaction up to this point. The first time they do, Charlie feels an instant connection to Ryhan but wonders what her story is because of things that are happening around him. Ryhan feels an instant connection to Charlie but has really intense anxiety that overtakes a lot of her life. 

I appreciate the way in which Mitchell treated Ryhan’s anxiety disorder and the fact that yes, it truly can overtake your life when it is at its worst. I really enjoyed the way in which Charlie was able to talk her down over and over again. They create a really good team with each other from the get-go, and the intenseness of their relationship is realistic and natural. If you have yet to read Kennedy Mitchell, you can start here. This is book 4 of her protection series, but you do NOT need to read these in order. They are TRUE standalones.v