Mine to Promise | Natasha Madison

I feel like I have been holding my breath since Mine to Take.  Natasha really knows how to leave us wanting more! I mean when Stefano got the surprise of his life he didn’t run scared, this man stepped up.  Big time! Stefano is the best baby daddy around and total book boyfriend material. The way he supports Addison, and doesn’t push.  He just consistently provides, supports, and shows up for them.  The way he immediately loves Avery just as she is, was so special to read. Stefano is the best daddy around and total book boyfriend material! Oh my goodness, he seems to know exactly what to do and say!  

Addison and Avery quickly had me rooting for them.  If there is ever two ladies that are in need of someone to love them so well it is Addison and Avery.  Addison is such a hard worker, provider, and mom.  She has put aside her dreams to be the best mom for Avery.  I love how protective she is of Avery, how she juggles her job, which by the way she rocks at, and provides Avery with everything she needs.  

And the way Addison and Stefano work through falling in love while parenting Avery felt so natural.  It is clear that Addison and Stefano belong together; they complement each other so well, and make such a beautiful family. 

I literally cannot stop thinking about Vivienne and Markos as grandparents!  I mean because I already didn’t love them enough, then they make this little girl the center of their universe.  They are just everything.  While they may have spoiled her it wasn’t about the things, it was about spending time with her and loving what she loves.  And Princess Avery had them all wrapped around her finger, and it was amazing.  Even Matty knew when Princess Avery and her Grand mre’ said something must happen it happened.  Of course, Mathew and Max made an appearance because they have their noses in everything and they gave us all plenty of laughs! If you love a big, loud, over involved family there is not a writer out there that does it better than Natasha Madison.  This Southern Wedding series with the crossover from her hockey family makes my heart sing…because there is nothing I love more than hockey than an amazing wedding! If you are new to Natasha, buckle up and plan on a deep dive because you will want all the backstories! As a side note, I quickly started This Is Love which is Markos and Vivienne’s book; and I recommend that you do the same! The audio was fabulous, and I know that I appreciate Mark and Vivienne as grandparents even more! 

* I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 


Rating: 11 stars!!!!
POV: First person dual POV
POP: 68%

Series: Southern Wedding

Type of Series: Interconnected Standalone- crossover!
Tropes: single mom, secret baby, found family, family series, one night stand, small town vibes.Release Date: 9/8/23
Available on Kindle Unlimited