Fury | Anna Hackett

I love when authors give us a sneak peek into their characters’ world, leave us wanting more and then deliver.  That is exactly what Anna Hackett did…she teased us with the Fury brothers and we finally get to meet them.  The sneak peek did not prepare you friends.  At all!  Dante Fury is business owner, brother, and protector.  We see almost immediately when you work for or know Dante you are under his protection. Dante and the other Fury brothers are infamous, feared, and respected.  But Dante also keeps his heart locked up tight.  When Mila starts working for him he is enamored.  He cannot keep his eyes off of her and she intrigues him so much.

Mila is on the run.  She tries hard to stay off the radar, keep her head down, and stay alive.  Her world was tipped upside down after a chance interaction that changed the course of her life.  Mila is smart but the bad guys end up catching up with her.  And Dante Fury, her boss, is there to step in and take whatever means necessary to keep Mila safe…..after all she is his.  

Hackett offers readers a perfect balance of suspense, steam, and romance. Dante and Mila have amazing banter, respect for one another, and an intense connection that pulls them together.  Most of all they have trust, which given their pasts is difficult for both of them.  Sometimes book 1 in a series can be too much about the side characters, world building and not enough about the main characters; but Hackett balances that out beautifully in this book.  We are introduced to the Fury brothers in a way that makes sense for this book, and explains their role in the family and special talents all while helping Dante and Mila find the bad guys!  The brothers have stellar banter and this found family will worm their way into your heart so very quickly!  I should add I am so ready for Colt…good thing we only have to wait 42 days for him to find love.  

* I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 


Rating: 4.5 stars
POV: First person dual POV

POP: 65% for an “encounter” and 77% for P&V

Series: Book 1 in the Fury Brothers series 

Type of Series: Interconnected series- stand alone
Tropes: Heroine on the run, workplace romance, boss/employee, found family

Release Date: 9/7/23
Available on Kindle Unlimited