Elves with Benefits by Jana Aston

Rating: 5/5
Tropes: Holiday Novella; Grumpy Sunshine;Small Town
Series: Reindeer Falls Book 4
POV:  Single 1st Person (Heroine Only)

Ryan Sheppard is a grumpy grinch that has inherited his uncle’s home. He returns to his hometown to put it on the market and the get back to his life. But doesn’t see the town in the say way that our heroine does.

Maggie Harrison loves everything there is about Reindeer Falls. SO much that she is the Christmas Enforcement Officer for the town. Which means that she gives sitations to people who have not decorated for Christmas. Which is the catalyst for the story and her and Ryan’s relationship.

He refers to her as the Christmas Cop and she does everything she can for him to see the wonder and joy that Reindeer Falls has offer. I adored the interaction between these two, and when you get Maggie’s story about her upbringing you can understand why she wants to embrace these moments with everything she has. This is a great addition to the Reindeer Falls collection, and I can’t wait to see what is up next.