Dangerous Rescue by Riley Edwards

Rating: 5/5
Tropes: Friends-to-lovers; Protector; Spin-off; PenPals
Series: Takeback Book 2
PoP: 55%
POV:  3rd Person

I have been looking forward to this book since we first met River Kent in Riley Edwards Triple Canopy Series. Then we got book one of Takeback and we met the other half of his pen pal friendship in Letty. These two have loved each other for years, but there has always been something that has held them back from meeting. But when Letty starts pulling way from everything, River has had enough and he makes no hesitation when his brothers give him the information that he was hesitant to find himself.

What follows is a little different from your usual Edwards romance in the sense that these two knew one another on a cellular level aside from seeing each other face to face. There wasn’t any of the push and pull that you sometimes get in these books because they both loved each other full stop without question. Now that isn’t to say that they didn’t have issues.

Letty has been having a hard time dealing with the aftermath of her sister’s actions and has pulled away from everyone because of her mixed feelings surrounding Kiki. Which you get, then you get the fact that there is the story of children being sold as a side story that she can’t help but get involved. River is loving and suportive while giving Letty some hard truths that she needs to hear and she acknowledge that. I adored these two, and the fact that River is pulled into the fold because everyone already “knew” him even though he was never physically with them.

One thing that I LOVE about this book is the fact that both of these characters were it for each other. Yes they had past relationships, but once their feelings changed (at different moments) they were all in even in the distance. There is the natural teaser into the next Takeback book with Reese and Sadie and I can’t wait to see what Riley Edwards has in store for these two!