Review: Sexy Suit By J.H. Croix

There is something magical about the way that Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward wrote their Cocky Hero stories.   I listened to the audio version of Stuck Up Suit by chance and quickly fell in love with Graham.  So given the chance to read a new offering from the Cocky Hero realm I was all in.  First up in my adventure is the Sexy Suit by J.H. Croix.  This book quickly became a favorite because there is the sweetest most awkward puppy named Barnable.  (Any story with a dog get extra bonus points!)

Ryan and Addie’s meet cute could not have been anymore adorable.  She tries to break into his basement to save her poor lost pup! I love that they both seem to have instant chemistry.  Addie and Ryan could not be more different, but I love that they challenge each other.  I love that they make each other think about their world differently.  Ryan seems to have a special radar that keeps drawing him to Addie. 

I really enjoyed how this book was very straight forward no extra drama or side stories, while each has their own issues and baggage to work through their love story is the focus and I really appreciated that.  The supporting characters in this book was a great addition to help the story move along and develop their relationships.  (Plus total heart eyes for Graham and Soyara). 

J.H. Croix captured the Cocky Hero perfectly.  This was a joy to read and a great escape for me.  I am a huge fan of Instant Chemistry Love Affairs.  This was a 5/5 read for me.  I can’t wait for my next adventure into the Cocky Hero Club.