I love a good office romance!  Wicked Bedmate did not start off as your typical office romance. 

Linda, is fired from her job on page one.  She is freaking out.  She thought she had found a job that was a good fit and payed a decent amount.  As if things could get any worse, Linda’s BFF Michael sets her up with his new boyfriend’s brother.  Fired from a job, a blind date, could this get any worse?  Turns out it can!

Linda is a down to earth character. She is realistic in her expectations of life and what she wants out of it.  She is super attracted to Jason but realizes that it would cause a lot of complications. 

Jason seems to have lived his life doing what he is good at but necessarily full filled in his choice. He seems to be missing something.  He comes to this realization after one blind date with Linda. 

The blind date itself is awkward.  I wasn’t sure where it was going to go.  The characters are both in their head a lot.  Thinking and over thinking the situation. I really wanted more interaction between them. They are just really well written characters that could spend all the time in the world with.

This was a solid 4 out of 5 read for me.  It was well done story.  I really enjoyed the characters of Linda and Jason.  I am pretty Linda and I could be best friends.  I am a huge fan of Jankia Snow.   I really enjoy her real men series.  She has away of writing characters the are real and relatable without bringing you down.  This was a fun simple and fast read.