Larissa if giving up men.  She is tired of always find Mr Wrong. But before she can give up men she ask a stranger in a bar to pretend to be her boyfriend so her latest ex will leave her be. 

Hollis is only in Savannah for a week. He is there to accept an award and then plans to return to school for his last semester.  Always looking for Miss Right Now, Hollis was not looking for much more than a fun distraction. 

Larissa and Hollis are book magic!  The emotion and chemistry between them are everything I needed.  This story brings so many big feelings.  The subtlety of the story makes the emotions the much more intense.  I walked away from this story completely in love with Hollis. I wanted to wrap him in a hug and tell him how much I loved him. 

The supporting characters in this story just bring that much more joy to it.  I will just say “Oh, Lincoln Landry how I adore you! ”

The Relationship Pact is book 3 in the completely stand alone, yet interconnected trilogy by three separate authors. This was a great escape read with big feelings.  If ever a character needed a good old fashioned Mom hug it is Hollis Hudson. If you have never read Adriana Locke this is a great place start.  If you give small glimpse into several of her series and the amazing characters she creates!