Hidden by the Doctor | Kennedy L. Mitchell

OH MY goodness does Kennedy really know how to pull readers in. I was hooked from page one and I did not want to put my Kindle down and I read waayyyy past my bedtime! I can’t even be mad because Caradee and Miller were so phenomenal.  

We have gotten to know Caradee the town doctor in previous books in this series, and she is always there doing everything for people.  Caradee has the kindest heart but that leaves her open to having her stomped on and taken advantage of.  I do love how she learns to stand up for herself and put people in her place, but still doesn’t lose that sweetness that she has.  But I think what I loved most about her character is how hard determined and smart she is.  She knows what wants and she is working hard for it.  

Miller never really had a choice in his life, but he really wanted one.  When fate stepped in and gave him the opportunity to make a better life for himself and a baby he ran head first into it.  He really put Carlie, his daughter first and which put him outside of his comfort zone but he did it because it needed to be done.  This gruff on the outside man is not at all what people would think of just by looking at him (side note; this cover model is PERFECTION and exactly the way I picture Miller).  

Caradee and Miller’s meet cute is epic and adorable.  From the moment their eyes landed on each other there was a palpable chemistry that burned up the pages. Kennedy L. Mitchell brought the spice to this one, but perfectly balanced it with building a friendship and bond that can withstand the demands of both of their jobs and pasts.  Miller worked hard to show Caradee her worth and remind her of just how amazing and badass she is.  He stood back and let her shine. But would tear down earth if tried to keep them apart.  If you love small towns, amazing found family, swoony single dads, and suspense all wrapped into a book this should be your next read! Another amazing book by Kennedy…..can’t wait for the next one!