Declan | Cala Riley

Delcan has no right to be such a ruthless mafia man, then turn around and be the sweetest cinnamon roll around.  But in reality, he is only sweet for a select few people.  And Nikita is one of them.  And to be fair, it sort of drives him a little crazy that she can get to him.  He isn’t supposed to have feelings. 

Nikita hasn’t had the easiest life, it has really been about what pleases the men in her family….she hates it but there is little that she can do about it.  So when she ends up in the enemy’s care, she tries to make the best of her life.  But Declan is just getting under her skin.  She too doesn’t like the feelings that she has for him, but they just won’t go away!  

I love when characters are blind to what is in front of them, and wow are Declan and Nikita especially blind to their attraction.  They are inexplicably attracted to one another, and really drawn to each other.  And Declan seems to always seem to find a way to make Nikita feel safe and looked after, and that feeling of comfort isn’t something she wants to get used to. 

The banter in this book is top notch as well as the push pull that these two characters put themselves through.  And man, when Declan finally decides that he is all in, this man is ALL IN!  And there is no way he is letting someone touch his wife.  While this is a much slower burn than we are used to with Cala Riley they do not disappoint on this one, the connection and tension between Declan and Nikita is palpable and there is spice in other forms in this book! If you love a ruthless mafia family that cherishes their women, then this book and series is a must read for you!  I adored every second of Declan and Nikita and their HEA is perfection! 


  • Rating: 4 stars
  • POV: first person, dual POV
  • POP: 83%
  • Series: Syndicate series 
  • Type of Series: Interconnected standalones
  • Tropes: enemies to lovers, arranged marriage, close proximity, virgin heroine, heroine in danger 
  • Release Date: 4/25/24
  • Available on Kindle Unlimited