Review: Spiked by Love

Asher Brooks & Ally Titov have known each other their whole lives and have been best friends, confidants, ride or die.   

Ally and Asher.

Can two best friends move forward and be lovers? This question is posed in Toni Aleo’s latest offering in her Nashville Assassins and Bellevue Bullies world. I sometimes struggle with the trope. I worry that they attraction isn’t enough, or it is going to be one sided.  I don’t always do well with the awkward situations.  I can tell you 100% that this is not one sided nor awkward.  I absolutely wanted to hit both Asher and Ally upside the head and demand they open their eyes.  You can feel the sparks and the attraction from almost the get go.  They danced around each other a little too much. They both tried to date another person, basically hoping it would drive the other to them.  Both seemed incapable of making the move. 

A fight between Ally’s ex Taco (yes, his nickname is legit Taco) and Asher was enough to send them tripping into each other’s arms, I mean tripping not falling, there was not a ton of grace happening to get to that first kiss.  But who needs grace when you have pirate jokes!

Oh Boy was that first kiss that catalyst they needed to realize that they ought to be together.  I think Ally’s gender, age and life experience was on her side getting her to the point quicker than Asher got to it.  His fear of his feelings made his stumbles a lot bigger and more profound.  But their story was sweet.  Toni, always rights these strong male characters who are swoony and seem to have moves, Asher didn’t and that is ok. I liked his awkwardness and lack of swooniness, it shows just how innocent their love was. 

This story will BUMP your romantic sentiments, SET your feelings in motion, and SPIKE right into your heart.  This was a 4.5/5 read for me.  I enjoyed it tremendously I just felt they danced around each other a little much, I wanted them together and watch their relationship develop.