Ep 201: Our Desert Island Picks

On this episode of Buzzing about Romance we’re diving deep into our literary treasure troves as we explore the tantalizing topic of “Desert Island Reads.”  

Picture yourself stranded on a sun-kissed shore, waves gently lapping at your feet, with only five cherished books to keep you company. Which tales would you choose to whisk you away to distant lands, ignite your imagination, and warm your heart time and time again?  

Discussion Points:  

  • Is it your favorite trope 
  • Re-readability  
  • What is it about the book that makes it your favorite  
  • Does it provide an escape  

Books mentioned this episode:


#1: Blindsided by Eden Finley…friends to lovers (my favorite!), teammates, biawakening, so supportive of one another, once Talon is in, he is ALL in! So many emotions and they deal with outside forces.  

#2: Stone by Sawyer Bennett- Book #2 in the Titans series. Emotional, just perfection. 

#3: An Unfinished Memory: A second chance romance, small town, and a family that I adore!  

#4: Southern Seducer by Jessica Peterson: friends to lovers, family series, small town, single mom.  

#5: Made for You: Enemies to lovers, humor, a Beatrice and amazing mental health rep, hockey, family series.  


1. Kings Queen-Marie Johnston 

2. My True Love – Melissa Foster 

3. Men of Haven Collection books 1-3 by Rhenna Morgan 

4. Undgerground Kings Series by Aurora Rose Reynolds 

5. Throne of the Horde King by Zoey Draven 

  1. Always Practice Safe Hex – Juliette Cross  
  1. Dating-ish – Penny Reid  
  1. Irresistible – Melanie Harlow  
  1. Shadows of You – Catherine Cowles  
  1. Stud Muffin – Jiffy Kate  
  1. Whitney My Love Judith McNaught  
  1. Wylde by Sawyer Bennett  
  1. Mercy by Julie Garwood  
  1. When the Time is Right by M Mabie and Aly Martinez
  1. Rock Star by Lauren Rowe /Reed Rivers Trilogy by Lauren Rowe  

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