Review: Alpha Wolf by Claire Ivy

Rating: 3/5
Trope: Hockey Romance, Sports Romance, Instant Connection, Big City
Pop: 49%

Alpha Wolf had been recommended to me several times. It was an ok read. It was hard for me to turn off my editor brain and just enjoy the read. There were small things that came up that bugged me. But it was enjoyable. The Couple is delightful and I did enjoy the secondary character. I will give the author another try for sure.
I know this a debut for the author so I am rating a bit easy on them. The characters are very likeable. I really enjoyed the banter between Casey and Anna. The moments with them on page were wonderful. I think Casey is one of the nicest heroes I have read in awhile. I enjoyed his interactions with his family. You get all the big chaotic family feels.
But here is where it fell apart for me. There were a couple of pieces in storyline and character issues that created for an inconsistent flow to the story. For example, Casey explains his mother as being a “southern mama” who wants to just feed you. The family is described as native New York.. that is not the south. Next was driving in the city always seeming to find parking spaces and acting like it isn’t a commute but a quick jaunt across town. I know the author is from the UK but the NYC setting did not fit with the way she described the town. I wish she had either used another US city or made up a city. For a debut it was ok.

My other big issue is the writing itself. The author flips from British English to American English,I it can be explained away as the heroine is from the UK and the hero is American,I however both are using terms and slang that would not account for their nationality.

I will give the next book in the series a try once it is releases but I am hesitant going in. This is in instant where the author should consider using a beta reader or editor that steeped in Hockey and US knowledge.