Review: The Wrong/Right Man by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Dakota Newton might be the worst person to set up on a blind date ever.  She totally didn’t have any idea what her date looked like.  She had his first name and where to meet him.  No cell phone number to contact him.  All off that plus traffic, a near accident with her cab driver you just know something isn’t going to go right.  I loved that Dakota was not overly experienced in the boy friend department.  An ex finance was enough to give her some experience with out coming off as naive. 

A misstep outside her blind date destination literally throws her in the arms of a stranger who has instant attraction to Dakota.  But Dakota doesn’t even realize her misstep until she wakes up to a text the next morning asking why she ditched her blind date. 

Holy Crap~ I need Braxton Adams in my life!!  That man is totally intense and red-hot.  He is absolutely the poster boy for over the top alpha males.   This man is possibly the most delightful intense character that ARR has ever written.  Once I started this book, I could not put it down.  Who needs sleep when you have the uber sexy Braxton steaming up your pages?

I loved that back and forth pull between these two.  I love that Dakota did everything she could to not make Braxton’s conquest of her easy.  Braxton was a constant in his pursuing of Dakota.  I liked that he did everything to work around her objections.  The dynamic between these two is marvelous.

This story is one that will sit with me for awhile and I will easily read it over and over again.  On an aside I really hope Jamie gets his own story, along with Samantha! ( Hint* Hint*) The supporting characters, and dynamics between everyone made for a brilliant read.  I am already a huge ARR fan this just cemented it for me once again why she is one of the best and I keep coming back to her books.