Garrett by Riley Edwards

POV: Dual 1st Person
PoP: 18%
Tropes: Second Chance; Small Town; Protector Romance; Damaged Hero
Series: Blue Team book 6
Type of Series: Series of Standalones
Rate: 5 /5 Stars
Release Date: February, 28, 2023

Sometimes a book is so anticipated there is a fear that it will not live up to expectations. Garrett was one of those such books. This character was first introduced in Nightstalker in which Z Corps is first featured. As a main part of the team, there are snippets of him but there is never a true featuring of his past. There are allusions to his past, pain, and hidden emotions, but none of the teams (Red, Gold, or Blue) truly know his history.

This book gives us that… Garrett gets phone call that his dad has gotten hurt and he goes home. Once there he runs into the one woman he has always loved. The one woman he pushed away. The one he has never forgotten. Garrett holds a lot of regrets when it comes to Melissa, but the reception from her is not warm. Melissa has tried her hardest to move on from him.

She hasn’t been successful, but has made choices that while she can’t have him, she isn’t sitting idle. Their story is a second chance story that works… while his reasoning for breaking up with her was a little selfish there is understanding in his thought process. And in true Riley Edwards fashion, nothing can be easy. There is some push and pull because of the emotional upheaval of these to coming back together. But these two have some very adult conversations about their situation which is a nice departure from some other books that I have read.

This book shows that while you can love an author, you don’t have to lose yourself over every book they put out.

This is not my favorite Edwards book even thought I did still love all it. I think a part of that is the multiple names given to the heroine. She should have stuck with one and then given a nickname… there is a lot of back and forth and it threw me out of the story a little bit. The storyline follows a little bit different of a formula than some of her other books, but it works well because of the way that it flows with this couple’s relationship. If there was more of the Dimple King, then I would not have been sad about it. But the way this story plays out, more of him would not have worked. This is a solid read that I didn’t want to put down.